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The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent designation for individuals in Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties to shelter in-place has created a significant set of challenges for our community. As a financial institution, Bay Federal Credit Union is designated as an “essential business” and has been encouraged to continue doing business. We know how important our services are for our members and the community, and need to be here to support you. At the same time, we are challenged in staffing due to absences for childcare needs due to school closures, and we are deeply concerned for the wellbeing of our employees and members.

In response to the evolving impacts, and the public health department’s guidance, Bay Federal has made the following changes to our branch network and outlined information and resources for our members. These changes will be monitored and adjusted as state and local health department guidelines update.

Information and Resources for Members

  • All Bay Federal branches are temporarily closed on Saturdays.

  • We are maintaining high standards of cleanliness in our branches.

  • Our Member Service Center is open normal hours, including Saturdays.

  • We have options to handle almost any banking need from home.

  • Your money is Federally Insured.

  • We have options for members concerned about making their loan payments during this period.

  • Members that have had to cancel travel plans should review the airline or hotel's cancellation policy.

  • There are additional resources for our members and the community.

  • You have options for your IRA account in response to the crisis.


We will keep you informed of further changes to our operations if they become necessary. Refer back to this page for future updates.

Bay Federal has options for members that may be facing hardships due to current health emergency.

For members interested in deferring their auto loan, personal loan, and/or Visa Credit Card payments, please visit our loan deferment page.

For members interested in a forbearance on their mortgage, please visit our Mortgage Payment Assistance Program page.

For small business owners interested in learning about options available to them, please visit our Small Business Support page.

For members that have other questions related to our response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your membership and for helping us to keep our community safe and healthy. We appreciate you!
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