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Husband and wife excited to try bill pay.

Bill Pay FAQ

  • What is Bill Pay?

  • How do I schedule a payment?

  • How do I add a payee?

  • Is there a charge for using Bill Pay?

  • How are my payments sent?

  • How long does it take to process a payment?

  • When will the money leave my account?

  • Is there anyone I cannot pay?

  • What is an eBill?

  • How do I access eBills?

  • How do I set up automatic payments for eBills?

  • What is the limit on a payment amount?

  • What if I don't have enough money in my account to cover a scheduled payment?

  • Why are some payments sent in the form of a paper check?

  • Why should I use Bill Payment instead of writing a check myself?

  • How can I select which account I am paying from?

  • How do I add another funding account?

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