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BayBuck Award page graphic

"Thanks, Jen, for your commitment and care!"

Jen is a BayBuck Award winner for going above and beyond to assist a member resolve a situation with her loan. She was with them every step of the way until the issue came to a happy resolution over 14 months.

Jen Baybuck Award

Elsa Baybuck Award

"Thank you for your all that you do on a day-to-day basis. YOU TOTALLY ROCK OUR HOUSE!"

Elsa is a BayBuck Award winner for going above and beyond in assisting an elderly member with his banking! Her trademark kindness and care made his day!

"I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest and cannot express how much your actions have meant to me."

Melanie is a BayBuck Award winner for Help, a BayFed value. When a coworker who was going through a tough time had her phone die on her, Melanie offered up her old phone free of charge out of the goodness of her heart!

Melanie BayBuck Winner

Allyson BayBuck Winner

"This BayBuck is for being the best co-worker ever!"

Allyson is a BayBuck Award winner for personally delivering lunch to a coworker's daughter after a lunch mishap at school

"Not only did you help this grieving member cross one thing of the list-you gave him excellent service."

Lalo is a BayBuck Award winner for going above and beyond for a member in need!

Lalo BayBuck Winner

Mauricio BayBuck Winner

"Thank you for going the extra mile!"

Mauricio is a BayBuck Award winner for his quick action and calm demeanor when assisting a member who suddenly felt unwell. Way to go, Mauricio!

"Keep up the great work detective!"

Marcos is a BayBuck Award winner for using his detective skills to save a member from becoming a victim of a potential fraud attempt. Way to go, Marcos!

Marcos BayBuck Winner

Joanna BayBuck Winner

"Joanna, you are just amazing!"

Joanna is a BayBuck Award winner for helping another department refine a complicated process and make a difficult task so much easier going forward! Way to go, Joanna!

"Your staff jumped up and started helping me pick them up..."

Vanessa is a BayBuck Award winner for jumping into action and assisting a member collect over $300 in coins from the branch entryway when the member's children's piggy bank broke open.

Vanessa BayBuck Winner

Janice BayBuck Winner

"I want to acknowledge the love you gave to this young teenager."

Janice is a BayBuck Award winner for playing fairy godmother when she heard a coworker's daughter was celebrating her Sweet 16 birthday and he needed help making it extra special!


"This just shows what a big heart you have!"

Drew is a BayBuck Award winner for helping a member who was suffering from a medical issue and making sure she got home all right.

Drew BayBuck Winner

Emily BayBuck Winner

"Way to live the BayFed culture!"

Emily is a BayBuck Award winner for pitching in to help another department when they found themselves in a tight spot. Not only was she ready and willing to help, but she did so with a smile and a can-do attitude!


"Jason! You sweet little genius! ...You did it!"

Jason is a BayBuck Award winner for using his expert knowledge of a system to help a coworker who had hit a roadblock.

Jason BayBuck Winner

Ambrocio BayBuck Winner

"You knew exactly what to do!"

Ambrocio received a BayBuck after he helped a coworker with two flat tires! 

"This is amazing! Bless your little heart, Franko!"

Frank is a BayBuck Award Winner for daily going above and beyond to make sure members feel valued!

Frank BayBuck Winner

Maribel BayBuck Winner

"They say it takes a village to raise kids, and that does not always mean in the form of family members."

Maribel was recognized for going above and beyond to make a coworker’s daughter feel special on her birthday! 

"Vanessa always makes a point to read each of her emails to make sure nothing is missed!"

Thanks to her attention to detail and quick-thinking, Vanessa was able to save a member from a fraud attempt!



Vanessa other BayBuck Winner

Angela BayBuck Winner

"Thank you for being the model of care and compassion!"

In a rare interaction, Angela stepped up and took the time to listen to a member's questions and help her in every way she could.



"This is the epitome of one-and-done!"

Alex used his deep institutional knowledge to assist a member with a loan from the 1980s.



Alex BayBuck Winner

Rachel BayBuck Winner

"This BayBuck is for Caring, Integrity, and Professional."

Rachael used her expert knowledge to come to the rescue of a coworker. Together, they found a solution!



"Thank you for thinking outside the box for solutions!"

Continuing his stellar track record, Jeremy stepped up and made another process better for everyone involved.  



Jeremy BayBuck Winner

Sam BayBuck Winner

"Keep being you and doing you because you are amazing!"

Sam was recognized for looking out for the safety and security of his coworkers!

"You went above and beyond!"

Melissa is a BayBuck Award Winner for seeing a need and volunteering to take care of it! Her positivity and can-do approach impressed her coworkers.

Melissa BayBuck Winner

Mirella BayBuck Winner

"This BayBuck is for Care, and going the extra mile!"

With the branch about to close for a holiday weekend, Mirella took the time to help a member who desperately needed help before heading out of town. 



"Yesenia, you are amazing!"

Yesenia used her deep knowledge of the mortgage industry and ability to multitask to assist a member with an IRS issue so the member could close on their new home before the holidays! 



Yesenia BayBuck Winner

Vanessa BayBuck Winner

"We need more people like you in the world." 

Vanessa took the time to listen to and help an elderly woman in need.



"What a great example of how you consistently provide members with excellent service!"

 Nikki is a BayBuck Award going the extra mile to assist a member after hours. Despite many duties awaiting her, Nikki made the member feel valued and didn't rush the member.



Nikki BayBuck Winner

Jason BayBuck Winner

"I couldn't have done it without you!"

 Jason is a BayBuck Award winner for assisting a coworker on her busiest day of the year.



"Thanks for being a rock star!"

 Gretchen is a BayBuck Award winner for using her expertise to help a coworker and a member with a difficult transaction.



Gretchen BayBuck Winner

Jardon BayBuck Winner

"It not only saved us money, but made our work a safer environment."

Jardon is a BayBuck Award winner for dropping everything to help ensure the safety of her fellow team members.

"You are amazing Emily! Keep up the great work! Keep shining!"

Emily is a BayBuck Award winner for gamifying branch duties with a brilliant "Dungeons and Dragons" themed contest to motivate her team!

Emily BayBuck Winner
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