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Scam Alert: Counterfeit Cashier's Checks

Fraudsters are sending credit union and bank customers fake cashier's checks in an attempt to steal their hard-earned money. These scams have mostly been employment and secret shopper scams. In employment scams, the fraudsters may inform a victim that they have been hired and that they need to complete a screening or other hiring process. They send a fake cashier's check to the victim to "cover the cost," and instruct them to send money or gift cards with the remainder of the money. Of course, the checks are fake, and the victim has lost all of the money they sent to the scammers.

In secret shopper scams, fraudsters send the counterfeit check to the victim and tell them to use it to do their secret shopping. After, the victim is told to send the items they bought or some of the money back to the scammers. Since the checks won't clear, the victim is on the hook for everything they bought and sent.

We urge all members to exercise caution with unsolicited job opportunities, secret shopping opportunities, and cashier's checks. Remember to look for the signs of a scam, which can include:

  • Any emails that you receive are highly unprofessional. 
  • There’s no street address for the company. 
  • You’re asked to send back some of the money they send you.
  • You did not apply for the opportunity.
  • The value of the check is strangely high.

Although scam alerts can be alarming, please understand that your accounts and cards are still safe and secure. When you keep your personal information private and don't send money and items to strangers, you don't need to worry about the safety of your money.

If you receive unsolicited funds, you have likely been targeted for a scam. You can report such fraud to:

If you have been scammed, review the Federal Trade Commission's guide on what to do next. 

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