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Being Together While Apart

A mom and daughter video chatting

Being Together While Apart

Whether you are next door, across town, or across the country, there are ways to connect and bond with friends and family.

Group Texting and Chat Options

For face-to-face or text-to-face conversations, meetings, or full-on parties:

  • Facetime will support up to 32 people on your iPhone/iPad/computer.
  • Android phone and device users can use this handy guide for group chats.
  • Google Hangouts is available on just about any mobile device or computer.
Watch a Movie Together(ish)

Netflix Party synchronizes videos so you can watch movies and shows together while you are apart. The service is available with a Netflix subscription and can be accessed on desktop, laptop, and tablet computers with Chrome browsers.

Make a New You with an Avatar Maker

Craft a realistic, funny, or scary version of yourself with one of many avatar maker apps and websites. Here are just a few of them:

Turn Off the Screens and Play
Board games and card games are fun, but if you don’t have any (or you’re bored with the ones you’ve got) here are some options. These suggestions are not for everyone, but they might get you thinking about some other activities from your past that you’d like to try again.

  • Make a mud pie. Dirt, water, and some rocks or flowers on top. Done.
  • Make a paper airplane, hat, bird, or Yoda. If you don’t know how, try these sites, or find a tutorial on YouTube.
  • Write a poem or a story. You can write about anything at all, and your work can be as short or long as you want.
  • Have a 15 minute dance party. Turn up your favorite tunes and dance (sitting, standing, or laying on the floor). If you want to find new music styles, look at Wikipedia’s “list of popular music genres” and search for one on YouTube or a music streaming service.
  • Do an art, science, or craft project. Whatdowedoallday.com may look like it’s just for children, but look closer and you’ll find ideas that can keep kids, teens, and adults busy for hours: games, crafts, science experiments, learning projects, movies and books, and lots of retro-fun stuff.
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