First-Time Homebuyers

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College students

Knowing how to manage money, build good credit, and save for the future is a must for everyone, no matter what your plans are. Use these free resources to learn the financial skills you’ll need for your life. All resources are spam- and ad-free!

FoolProofMe: Financial Literacy and a Lot, Lot More

  • Choose from FoolProof Academy for high school students (ask your teacher to register first), or FoolProof Solo for young adults (individual registration)
  • Interesting, interactive conversations, animation, and text lessons created by students for students
  • Learn about money and credit, financial responsibility, and how to be a skeptical, cautious consumer
  • Free with no ads

CashCourse: For Young Adults 17-25(ish)

  • Learn on your own or connect to your instructor’s virtual classroom
  • College Life – student loans, dealing with a budget, finding the right living space, buying a car
  • World of Work – Finding and applying for a job, insurance, taxes

PBS Learning Media

  • Watch videos on all kinds of topics that relate money to just about everything: science, history, math, careers, and more
  • Type “money” into the search box, then choose a subject from the list on the left
  • Top Picks: select “science” for videos about money and the environment

U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid

  • Learn about student loans, grants, work study programs, repayment plans
  • Complete and submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • See all your federal student loans in one place

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