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Family dancing together

These activities are not about money; they are for times when you need a break, need to keep busy, or just want to have a little fun.

  • Make a paper airplane, hat, bird, or Yoda

  • Poetry Games provides instructions and fill-in poetry forms that help students write their own poems. Use the Poetry Machine for fill-in forms, or have students take the Free Verse class. This could be great to use for a creative writing assignment, to practice spelling words, or to help students express how they are feeling.

  • Do an art, science, or craft project at What Do We Do All Day. The site may look like it’s just for little kids, but look closer and you’ll find ideas that can keep kids, teens, and adults busy for hours: games, crafts, science experiments, learning projects, movies and books, and lots of retro-fun stuff.

  • Have a 15-minute dance party! Use Zoom or another group chat with sound to blast some bops to your kids. Looking for something really different? Check out Wikipedia’s list of popular music styles, type one into YouTube or a music streaming service.

  • Make a PowerPuff Avatar of yourself at PowerPuffYourself.com.

  • Make a mud pie. Dirt, water, and some rocks or flowers on top. Done.
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