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What To Do After a Disaster

What To Do After a Disaster

How to Replace Important Records and Documents, Forward Mail, and Safeguard Your Finances

If you have evacuated your home due to fires or other emergencies, the following resources can help you safeguard your finances, order replacement documents, get your mail, and plan for the days and weeks ahead.

In most situations, you can order new cards and documents online. In some situations, you will need to have certain documents (like a driver’s license) in order to obtain other records. To help organize your document recovery efforts, keep a list of documents you have ordered with details about each one.

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks and Banking Documents

If you had to leave any credit cards, debit cards, or checks behind during evacuation, contact financial institutions and cancel/reorder them immediately to prevent fraud on your accounts.

  • Bay Federal cards and checks can be cancelled/reordered by logging into your accounts, on the BayFed Mobile app, or by visiting one of our branches.We can even instantly reissue you a debit card right in the branch!
  • You should also monitor account activity from your mobile phone or a computer and report any suspicious purchases immediately by calling 831.479.6000, option 3.

Forwarding Your Mail

Replace Identification Documents and Vital Records

Other Important Tasks

  • Call your insurance providers or visit their websites for instructions on how to file claims and get help. Your insurance company may even be able to pay directly for temporary housing. Contact your policy holder for specific information about your benefits.
  • Contact your utilities providers or log into your utilities accounts to suspend or cancel service. Links to some local providers are listed here.
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