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Keeping Yourself and Our Community Safe

Keeping Yourself and Our Community Safe

The pandemic has changed “business as usual” for all of us. Even though we are all doing our best to stay at home and limit our exposure to others, there are still some times that we need to leave home for necessary tasks. While we love seeing our members in our branches, this is a particularly challenging time. We are doing our best to accommodate for physical distancing for staff and members. We realize this has resulted in longer than usual lines and wait times, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding as we work to uphold local public health orders. We are committed to providing essential banking services for our members and our community.

Whenever possible, we encourage our members to utilize our remote banking solutions. There are many functions that make banking transactions quick, efficient, and from the safety of your home. For those who must come into one of our branch locations, here are some guidelines and ideas to keep you—and our team members—safe!

Stay Safe Infographic

  • Make less frequent trips. The less you can expose yourself to others, the better. Try to consolidate your banking needs into as few trips as possible.
  • Stay 6 feet apart at all times. It can be easy for people to forget to stay far apart from others when shopping or waiting in a group. Be especially mindful of your distance to others and be ready to step out of someone’s space if they gently remind you to.
  • Wash your hands and wear a mask. While we have increased rigorous cleaning procedures in all locations, it is still important to take protection into your own hands. Please wash your hands before and after coming to a branch, and wear a cloth face covering. The Santa Cruz county health department now requires people to wear masks in public places, which includes our branches. If you do not have a mask, consider this helpful tutorial on creating your own!
  • Go out alone. If you can, leave your family and housemates at home. The more people in your household that go out, the higher the chance of everyone getting sick. It is also much easier to stay six feet apart when there are less people waiting together.
  • Be prepared to complete your banking needs. Double check that you have everything you need to take to the branch before you leave the house, and have it out and ready to hand over to the Member Services Representative when it is your turn. We want to get you in and out of the branch as quickly as possible, so help us and other members by being prepared.

Let’s all do our part to protect our members, our team members, and our community. Thank you for setting a great example!

Want to take advantage of remote banking opportunities, but not sure how? We have a list of ways that you can complete common banking needs without entering a branch.

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