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The United States Postal Service estimates that over 212 billion pieces of mail are sent each year—that equates to over 25 million trees. Bay Federal members alone receive well over 1.2 million statement pages per year. Consider signing up for FREE paperless eStatements! These electronic versions of your same Bay Federal statements are available through online and mobile banking for free.

By going paperless, you will be reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while still having easy, secure access to your financial records.

Not only that, but eStatements are safer than paper. Rather than having your personal and financial information delivered to a mailbox and stored in print, eStatements are encrypted and securely accessed through online and mobile banking.

How to sign up for eStatements

  • Sign in to BayFedOnline. If you have not yet signed up for BayFedOnline, do so by clicking "New User" under "Account Login" at the top of this page.
    Login to the free BayFed Mobile app.
  • Once you are signed into online banking, click on the "Statements and Documents" tab. On the mobile app click on "More", then select "Statements and Documents."
  • Read the eStatement Consent Agreement, enter your email information, then click on “Accept.”
  • You will be asked to confirm your email address. Once you confirm that your email address is current, select "Yes."
  • You will receive an email with a one-time verification code. Enter the code in the BayFedOnline screen in your web browser or the mobile app and select "Verify." Congrats! You're now signed up for eStatements!

After completing these easy steps, you’ll receive an email each month alerting you that your new eStatement is available. It's that easy!