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Skip a Loan Payment!

Bay Federal Credit Union allows eligible members the opportunity to skip two regular monthly payments on their qualified vehicle, RV, or personal loans each year. The fee for each skipped payment is $30. Interest will continue to accrue during the skipped payment period, and this skip will have no impact on your credit score or history. This feature is not available for home loans, credit cards, or revolving lines of credit.

To check your eligibility for Skip Pay and to process the skip, the process is easy: login to BayFedOnline, and select "Skip Pay" under "Additional Services." You can also login to the BayFed Mobile app, select "More" at the bottom of your screen, then select "My Services" at the top and choose "Skip a Loan Payment." Alternatively, you can visit a branch to skip a payment in-person, or call our Member Service Center at 831.479.6000 or toll-free at 888.4BAYFED. You can use the extra funds for unexpected expenses, travel plans, other bills, or anything else!

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