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Start teaching your children about money today!

BayBuddies Children’s Savings Club for kids 0-12 years
Learning to save money can be fun when you join the BayBuddies Children’s Savings Club! Kids ages 0-12 can open their own savings account, learn how to set and achieve savings goals, and earn prizes along the way.

  • Open a new account with as little as $5
  • FREE until your 23rd Birthday! Your savings account minimum balance or will not be subject to minimum balance requirements or monthly fees until you turn 23. After that, we can show you how to maintain your accounts without fees.
  • Earn a cool prize when your savings account balance reaches $100, $500, and $1,000 (inquire at your local Bay Federal Credit Union branch).

Online Resources

Help your child build become a financially-capable adult with these fun financial education websites!
  • Money As You Grow – From the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability
  • – Fun financial literacy activities for kids, teens, parents, and teachers
  • CFPB – Financial literacy resources for parents from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Build our list of financial education resources! Recommend your favorite financial education website, mobile app, podcast, or game.

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