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Have a question about your loan? We've included answers to many of the most popular loan questions asked by our members.

Billing and Payments

  • How can I pay my loan?

  • If I already have a coupon book, can I still use it to make payments?

  • Can I make twelve monthly payments today so I don’t have to make another payment until next year?

  • Why didn’t I get a loan bill this month?

  • Why can’t I keep my other accounts open at Bay Federal if I am no longer a member in good standing?

  • How are the interest calculations different for Bay Federal auto, mortgage, and credit card loans?

  • How do I report errors or request information?

Service-member Civil Relief Act

You may be entitled to certain legal rights and protections if you (or any owner or occupant of your home for mortgage loans) are or recently were on active duty or active service as a federal or state Military Servicemember, or if you are a dependent of such a Servicemember. For more information about the rights and benefits of active-duty Servicemembers please contact 831.479.6000, ext. 785.

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