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ATMMake Loan Payments and Access Multiple Accounts at the ATM!

In our ongoing efforts to make your accounts more accessible, Bay Federal is happy to announce two convenient new options:

  1. Bay Federal members can now link multiple checking, savings, and money market accounts to a single Debit Card. You will still only be able to use one checking account per card for Point of Sale purchases, whether at a merchant, over the phone, or online.
  2. Members with loans at Bay Federal can now make their loan payments right at the ATM, when transferring from a linked Bay Federal account.

To link multiple accounts or loans to your Debit card and enjoy these new features, visit any of our 7 convenient branches or call us today at 831.479.6000 or 888.4BAYFED, option 3.

To make a loan payment at the ATM:

  • After entering your PIN, select the “Transfer” button on the ATM screen.
  • In the “Transfer FROM” screen, select the linked Bay Federal account you would like to transfer from (i.e., “Checking”).
  • In the “Transfer TO” screen, select “Loan.”
  • Enter the dollar amount you would like to transfer to your loan. Your receipt will show that dollar amount as a transfer.
  • Payment Cutoff Time: Payments are transferred from our ATM network between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM daily. Payments transferred after the daily cutoff time will be applied the following day.

To access additional checking or savings accounts at the ATM:

  • After entering your PIN, select the transaction you wish to perform (i.e., “Withdrawal”).
  • Select the account type (I.e., “Checking”).
  • For deposits and withdrawals, the ATM will now ask for the dollar amount of the transaction.
  • After entering the dollar amount, the ATM will now ask which specific account you would like to access.
  • Accounts will be listed by the Account Description. The Account Description can be changed anytime through BayFedOnline and made effective the following business day.
  • All Bay Federal ATMs and many other ATMs allow secondary account access. However, some non-Bay Federal ATMs may only allow access to your primary accounts.
  • If you link a Bay Federal Money Market account to your Debit card, it will be listed as a “Checking” account for ATM transaction purposes.


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