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Credit & Debit Card FAQ

Young man learns about his credit card



Mobile Wallet FAQ

  • Is Mobile Wallet safe?

  • How do I set up?

  • Why is my debit card image different than the one on my physical card?

  • Is there a fee to use Mobile Wallet?

  • What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

  • How does Mobile Wallet technology work?



General Credit and Debit Card FAQ

  • What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

  • How do I dispute a charge that I don't recognize or do not agree with?

  • How can I get an advance from my credit card?

  • Can I pay my credit card bill online?

  • How is my minimum payment calculated on my credit card account?

  • How do I pay my Bay Federal Visa Credit Card from another financial institution?

  • What are Purchase Rewards?

  • How do I opt out of Purchase Rewards?

  • Can I transfer the balance from another credit card to my Bay Federal account?

  • Are there fees for making purchases with my card in other countries?

  • Are there fees for making ATM withdrawals in other countries?

  • How do I use my card while traveling or on vacation?

  • How do I add another user to my credit card account?

  • Who do I contact if a transaction was declined?

  • If I receive a notice stating my privileges have been revoked, who can I talk to?



EMV Chip Card FAQ

  • What do I need to do?

  • What is different about my new card?

  • I have a credit card. Why would I need a PIN?

  • How do I select a PIN?

  • Has my card information changed?

  • Will my card still work if a merchant doesn’t have a chip-capable terminal?

  • When do I swipe? When do I insert my card?

  • Does my chip card work at the ATM?

  • What do I do if I suspect an error on my account?

  • What happens with BayRewards?

  • Where can I use my chip card?

  • What is Visa Account Updater?

  • If I have a recurring charge with Netflix or Amazon, will my card information be updated automatically?

  • How can I opt out of the Visa Account Updater service?




Credit & Debit Card Related Forms

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